Why Film?

Why film? We get asked this question a lot. Shooting with film is an artistic decision, part science, part artistic tool. Having film cameras in our "tool box" makes sense to us for three main reasons. The first is that we learned photography using film, (pre digital), why throw away all that knowledge? The second is that the combination of film and film cameras create soft beautiful images, specifically with medium format film, (which is a large negative), and third - it sets us apart from most wedding photographers. These days shooting with film is a niche market, one which we gladly take part in! We feel that strongly about the art of creating the images we're commissioned to create. Shooting with film does cost a little more, but we feel it's worth it. It's as if film breaths life into images as living breathing photographs. Film, as an artistic tool, captures emotionally powerful images with beautiful soft tones. All the film we shoot gets scanned during processing at the lab. A good lab is most important, our lab of choice is the best lab we've found, we use Richard Photo Lab.