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We believe in light, good photography and above all else, love. We’re a boutique style photography studio specializing in lifestyle and wedding photography and are based in New York City. We are Karen Hill and Frank Marshal.

We fill a need in a niche market in which we bring to portraiture and events such as weddings, the subtle art of fine art photography. We believe in capturing authentic moments that transcend time and shooting with both vintage analogue film and modern digital cameras. The power of photography as an artistic tool, is that it can capture emotionally powerful moments through timeless imagery. When you turn and look at each other and the light’s hitting you just right, that’s photography magic and what we look for to capture memorable moments. Our style of coverage is a natural, organic approach, allowing everyone to be themselves. It’s an eloquent style that allows the day to describe itself as we create the wedding day story. The albums we create are beautiful, this is where the story of the wedding day unfolds. We’re continually honored when asked to capture a family portrait, a couple’s engagement portrait or a wedding. Over the years, we’ve had the great honor of working with such incredible couples, as well as some of the best designers, planners and florists in the industry.

To learn more about us, please review our website, our blog at EveryLovelyMoment.com and follow us on Instagram @karenhillweddings at the links below.

Karen Hill Photography is available to cover families and weddings near and far, please contact us for a rate sheet and let us know if you’d like a custom proposal for your event.

At Karen Hill Photography, we love what we do! We’re dedicated to the photographic process, continuing to learn and grow, and to you our clients.

Thank you for your interest in Karen Hill Photography. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Karen & Frank



Hi, I’m Karen, Founder and Principal Photographer at Karen Hill Photography. My background in photography is in fine art photography. I went to art school and graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from the Yale School of Art, both in photography. I've been shooting ever since.

My background is based in traditional film and to this day I love shooting with film cameras. Film camera lenses are so much softer and to me better capture a sense of beauty, romance and emotional content. I find that film has more depth and as a tool, it captures more of a feeling. I like working with both film and digital, each medium has very strong elements, but I prefer the look of film, I guess it's my first love. To me, it's a matter of really seeing what's in front of you on a deeper, more instinctual level. My background in photography includes teaching photography at Columbia University, exhibitions, editorial and private commissions.

In 2008, I married my best friend. I added an important partnership to the studio as well as my personal life with my husband Frank. Together we form a pretty unique working vision.

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Hi, I'm Frank and I second shoot with Karen. My background in photography is in editorial, advertising and fine art photography. My background is also based in traditional film and film cameras and I love shooting with film. I studied photography at the University of Penn. Since then I've worked as a photographer for editorial, advertising and fine art. I bring my talent and huge personality to the studio!


Karen Hill Photography is available to cover weddings, portraits and events nationally as well as internationally.

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